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Hospitality Hysteria: Don’t Forget The Little Things

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A lot of people can see themselves running a business in the hospitality sector. It’s a very accessible market, and it’s possible to become very successful. But, a lot of people neglect some of the smaller parts of this type of business. The parts that help you to run on a daily basis. It’s important…

EntreLeadership: Being a Leader Within Your Community


Leadership means doing a lot more than making hiring decisions, signing paychecks, and taking care of your team and your company. True leaders motivate others to take action. When you think of leaders in your community, who comes to mind? Public officials? Civic group presidents? Pastors? These are fine choices, but many entrepreneurs don’t realize…

Dave Says: A Good Marketing Idea + Girlfriend Debt Account

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A Good Marketing Idea Dear Dave, I’m a small-business owner with a lawn care franchise. It’s common in our industry, after the season is over, to send out pre-pay letters for the upcoming season. If we send out these letters offering a five or 10 percent discount for early payment on next year’s services, is…

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Optimist Prime, Not Negatron

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We read a great book by W. Hunter Howell about bereavement recently, and one of the chapters started with these words, “If you don’t like something then change it, and if you can’t change it then change the way you think about it.” These words really hit a nerve. Negative thinking can often be a…

Fresh Start Needed At Work? Don’t Rush

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Everyone gets fed up of their job from time to time. It is a common problem in the lives of many people, whether you work part time, full time, are the CEO of a huge corporation, or the managing director of a small startup business, that there will be times where you feel like you…

Top Three Reasons Why Social Work Could Be for You

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There are many ways you can do good and contribute to the communities around you. Aside from doing volunteer work, you can also commit yourself to a career as a social worker. There are plenty of fields to get into as well, from helping seniors solve their life problems to counseling kids and teens who…