Strategies That Shape Substance

Doing Freelancing Right

Make a Profit with These Different Writing Services-Chispa Magazine

Can freelancing bring big rewards? It sure can, both personally and financially. But, there are few guarantees in this game. You need to be on your toes. Here’s how to succeed in the world of freelance… Is freelance right for you? You shouldn’t go into this under the impression that it’s going to be easy. It’s…

Business Challenges You Can Learn and Grow From

Business Challenges-Chispa Magazine

Anyone who goes into the world of business needs to know that there are challenges they can face every day. Whether you own a business or you just use your business expertise to help grow someone else’s, there are some big issues to tackle if you want to achieve personal and business success. If you’re…

Have You Got What It Takes To Be The Boss?

Three Bookkeeping Tips For New Business Owners-Chispa Magazine

Many people dream of setting up their own business. The trouble is that often, it’s easy to have a rose-tinted vision of being the boss. In reality, running a company is not as simple as having a great idea and knowing your way around the books. You also need to have several character traits and…

Get Inspired

How To Build Your Self Control

Self-Control-Chispa Magazine

If you struggle to stick to routines—perhaps you are forever making grand resolves only to forget them again by the next day—it can be extremely difficult to change your lifestyle for the better. It is frustrating, wanting to behave in a certain way only to break and scrap your plans for a better you. If…

Surviving Cancer and Mesothelioma

Surviving Cancer and Mesothelioma-Chispa Magazine

Surviving cancer is a major feat. This is a difficult and varied disease, requiring stamina and resolve as well as excellent medical care. Even with all these elements, many do not survive. Mesothelioma, the cancer linked to asbestos, has some of the lowest survival rates. For those who do beat cancer, the challenges of the disease do…

Interview with Gloria Williams, The Footnanny

Gloria-Williams-Chispa Magazine

Gloria Williams otherwise known as “The Footnanny” was originally just Oprah Winfrey’s best kept secret, but now with her own beauty line selling on HSN, new products in production, and with her winning attitude plus all of her hard work, this one and only Footnanny is making her dreams come true and healing feet everywhere,…