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Taking The Plunge And Setting Up Your Own Business

My Business-Chispa Magazine

Maybe you’ve had enough of your job, or maybe you’ve come up with a great idea for a startup that means you’ll have a unique business idea you believe can pay off. Whatever the reasons for setting up your own business, you’ll need to make sure it’s 100 percent the right move for you first.…

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Interview with Gloria Williams, The Footnanny

Gloria-Williams-Chispa Magazine

Gloria Williams otherwise known as “The Footnanny” was originally just Oprah Winfrey’s best kept secret, but now with her own beauty line selling on HSN, new products in production, and with her winning attitude plus all of her hard work, this one and only Footnanny is making her dreams come true and healing feet everywhere,…

Living With Lipedema

Summer 2017_Chispa Magazine - Lipedema Cover Story-Stacy Ann Gross

After receiving the diagnosis of Lipedema, all heads turn to the Internet for the glory answers of what, how, and the why. And of course, who else? You view minimal reporting from doctors and remind yourself, “That’s probably why my family doctor thought I had painful cellulite.” Yes, you are shocked, and agree to never…

DIY Jobs That Will Make Your Home Safer

DIY Jobs-Chispa Magazine

DIY is great for many things, but people usually take on such projects when they either need to fix something or boost the value of their home. More people should be thinking about DIY in the context of home security. Using DIY, you can install a lot of effective and cheap security solutions, as well…