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How to Be an Entrepreneur When Living With a Chronic Illness

How To Reduce The Associated Pressures Of Starting A Business-Chispa Magazine

At first glance, you might assume starting or running a business when you have a chronic illness is the definition of insanity. After all, despite huge progress made in the field of medicine in recent years, with new treatments such as Livewell Clinic’s stem cell therapy available to alleviate suffering, it is still very difficult…

How to Focus on Just One Idea


Anyone who knows me knows that I have 500 ideas going through my head at any given moment. I’m creative (sometimes scattered), resourceful (occasionally scrappy), and spontaneous (a little unpredictable). Most creative entrepreneurial types are like this. We have no shortage of ideas—ideas that we just know are all brilliant by the way—but we have a real shortage of…

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Developing Your Idea With A Business

Developing Your Idea With A Business-Chispa Magazine - Home Page

Having that idea which will set you off into the stratosphere is one thing, but how do you work with a business to get that idea from your head to a tangible reality? And, how do you use the realize the idea to get maximum potential? Having a great idea is one thing, but turning…

Special Ways To Celebrate Your High School Senior, Now

High School Senior-Chispa Magazine

Yes, indeed… It’s a really special time as you walk your son or daughter through their last year of high school. They will no doubt be looking forward to their senior prom and celebrating with all their friends. But, there are also some special things you can do to celebrate with your family at home, now. It’s…

Top Three Most Amazing Places To Live In The US

Top Three US Cities-Chispa Magazine

Our US is a big and beautiful country. Granted, there are some underlying issues that create a shadow over the fifty states at times but, underneath the bad things, we live in a wonderful and amazing country. Not only that, it’s home to some brilliant cities and towns that are great to live in. So, we thought…