Strategies That Shape Substance

Kick Your Business Into Gear

Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business_Chispa Magazine

If you feel as though you’re flat lining with your business a bit, then you need to find a way to kick it back into gear to make sure you’re being as successful as you can possibly be. Most people build their business from the ground up, so it’s not exactly something that wants to…

Mastering the Art of Saving

Savings-Lisa Taranto Schiffer-Chispa Magazine

Saving money is about more than putting aside funds for a rainy day, or for retirement at some point down the road. Rather, it’s a way of thinking and living that can help finance your dreams, enable you to reach short- and long-term life goals, and provide financial freedom. A well-thought-out financial plan that includes…

What You Must Remember as a Business Loan Applicant

Transform Your Life-Chispa Magazine

This is a generation of startups. As the big names take a back seat, intelligent, innovative and young blood floods the market with business ideas and models that are literally changing the face of the planet. Every business requires one key element to begin and run smoothly, capital. Without financial backing, none of these startups…

What Does It Take For A Relationship To Work?

Start the New Year Off Right Proven Tactics to Save Your Marriage-Chispa Magazine

Relationships take work. As much as we all may like them to be a breeze and be enjoyable all of the time, they’re not. They can be testing, they can be intolerable, but if you’re willing to work at them, they’re the best part of living. Being in love, finding your soul mate, and spending…

Get Inspired

Why Moving Abroad Solo Could Be A Best Decision

Moving Abroad Solo-Chispa Magazine-3

Sometimes it happens that you get stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do next. That means it is time for a change and for some, that change could be moving abroad and starting all over again. Moving abroad solo might just be the perfect solution for you if you feel like you’ve…

Alexa Carlin Serves A Dose of Contagious Passion at WEX

Alexa Carlin, WEX-Chispa Magazine

At 17, she was a CEO.  At 21 she had a 1 percent chance to live. At 26, she is empowering and teaching female entrepreneurs how to succeed. Alexa Carlin, the 26-year-old who is bringing female entrepreneurs together to learn, to share, to network, and to succeed. This is a story not just about women…