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Why Finding The Right Mentor Can Boost Your Success

National Mentoring Month-Chispa Magazine

Mentors can be incredibly important to our lives for many reasons. They are sounding boards and champions for our success. They are people to learn from and share with, and can become some of the most important relationships in our lives. This past summer, I helped plan a successful Atlanta women’s event that left me…

What Are The Best Careers To Retrain For?

Five Steps To Opening A Restaurant-Chispa Magazine

It’s at this time of year when many of us start to look at our lives and wonder if there’s anything that we can do better—for ourselves, and for our families. Career is often up there with the big lifestyle issues that we like to examine at the start of a new year, and if…

The Best Ways to Move Home on a Budget

Home Budget-Chispa Magazine

Moving to a new house can become an expensive thing to do as well as being stressful. Even though you think that everything will go to plan, there are always challenges that crop up. If you are also trying to move on a budget, it can make the whole thing a lot worse. However, there…

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Eyes of Wonder… Put on a New Set of Eyes

Eyes of Wonder-Maggie Sabatier Smith-Chispa Magazine

SENIORitas, have been there and done that. We have experienced life’s joys, sorrows, challenges and absolutely get it, “…there is nothing new under the sun,” says Ecclesiastes 1:9. Our family traditions fill our calendars and we look forward to the familiar. With an eye toward legacy we encourage (sometimes not so gently) our children and grandchildren…

How to Choose the Best Idea for Your Small Business

Awesome Career Ideas For Military Moms-Chispa Magazine

For some people, the idea of working in an office every day and commuting backwards and forwards to work makes them unhappy. Maybe they want to start working for themselves by creating a business of their own. While there are some who will already know what they want to do, others are not as certain;…