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How a Business Degree Could Help Your Career

Business Team-Chispa Magazine

For the modern student, there are many degrees to choose from. Some of these degrees have obvious benefits attached to them, and one such degree is a business degree. A degree in business is not only high in demand but it is also a practical degree with potential for advancement, one that teaches valuable skills,…

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How Long to Burn off Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving Dinner-Chispa Magazine

With Thanksgiving and the winter months looming we often worry about how to maintain our weight when we’re bombarded with sweet slices and heavy dishes, but how long does it really take to burn off those popular, festive foods? Myprotein Nutritionist Jennifer Blow weighs in on her favorite festive treats and what you can do to…

Multitasking Fall Break as a Working Mother

Moms Prioritize These When Starting a Business-Chispa Magazine

It seems only yesterday that the summer holidays ended and school started up again, but once more mothers nationwide are finding themselves face-to-face with yet another holiday. You can double-check the calendar on the wall or flick through your Blackberry, but Fall Break is less than a week away. Although real life often doesn’t emulate…

How to Live with Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea-Chispa Magazine

No matter how hard it seems in the beginning, living with sleep apnea is actually possible. All you need is a positive attitude towards it and willingness to make a change in your daily pattern. Losing your breath is always hard and it’s especially dangerous and life-threatening when it happens in your sleep, yet it’s…