Mavian Arocha-Rowe

Mavian Arocha-Rowe is known as an asset to the business and communications industry. As the founding editor for CHISPA, which successfully launch at the end of July 2014 at the National Women’s Survivors Convention, Arocha-Rowe is motivating, coaching, and advocating “your authenticity should be your strategy,” for all women, regardless of their season and roles. Her chispa is evident within all she does, including her clients like Organic Spa Magazine, PINK, and Pevonia who enjoy the fruits of her labor. Aside from leading editorial teams, she specializes in building her clients’ business via social media, digital marketing, public relations efforts, and more; plus, guarantees each marketing effort is aligned with vision, mission, ambition, and brand strategy. She has served as editor-in-chief for five publications and for the past 15 years, has directed multiple art and marketing departments as creative director and brand manager. What supersedes all of these great accomplishments and past career endeavors is her new role as wife and mother living in Atlanta. She has a vibrant, warm, and giving soul and is busy working on the formula for balance: wife, mother, daughter, sister, mompreneur, marketer, business coach, cook, writer, interior decorator, and the list goes on. Challenging herself to discover and bravely pursue the calling for her life, Arocha-Rowe hopes throughout this journey she helps other women, and businesswomen discover and pursue their life’s assignment.

Tea Tree In Our Hair

Chispa Magazine-Maple Holistics Hair

Knowing that Maple Holistics’ promise is to promote healthy hair growth with a natural, holistic approach brought a smile to our faces. In for the challenge, those in our office who were shedding and receiving the impact of thinning hair were first in line for the trial of their Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. Freshness in…

Six Ways to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Companies Reputation_Chispa Magazine

When it comes to growing a business, reputation is everything. Word of mouth marketing is exceptionally powerful but quite tricky to achieve. We’ve all heard the theory that if a customer in a restaurant enjoys a meal, they tell no one, yet if the meal or service is terrible, they tell five of their friends.…

Health Is Wealth: Setting Up a Business In The Health Industry

Health Business-Chispa Magazine

If you want to start a business with great earning potential while genuinely helping people, healthcare could be a great option. The old adage health is wealth really is true; because patients are more comfortable than ever with managing their symptoms and illnesses online, it has provided a whole host of opportunities for health-oriented business…

Living With Lipedema

Summer 2017_Chispa Magazine - Lipedema Cover Story-Stacy Ann Gross

After receiving the diagnosis of Lipedema, all heads turn to the Internet for the glory answers of what, how, and the why. And of course, who else? You view minimal reporting from doctors and remind yourself, “That’s probably why my family doctor thought I had painful cellulite.” Yes, you are shocked, and agree to never…

The Incredible Rise Of The Mompreneur

How To Build A Home Befitting The Modern Mompreneur-Chispa Magazine

There is no surprise that not many new moms want to go back to the office straight after giving birth. But for many, they are forced back to work because of the extortionate costs of childcare. Thankfully, though, some moms have come up with a great solution—become a mompreneur! So, what exactly is a mompreneur?…