Mia Guerra

Executive Editor at Chispa Magazine, Mia Guerra is a writer at heart. Regardless the topic, she loves to investigate, encourage, and ruminate on topics that can make us better people. Aiming to live a Proverbs 31 life, Mia is ecstatic to be following her calling with Chispa. At home she is her husband's sidekick and together they are raising a God-fearing family in Atlanta.

Your Strategy For Becoming A Better Business Leader

Better Business Leader-Chispa Magazine

Leadership isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that are creative, inventive and even inspirational. That doesn’t make them the best people person to lead a team. You can learn a lot about heading up a team from various training courses. And some people are lucky enough to be born with great people…

Four Steps Toward Achieving Your Perfect Body

Mentally Fit for The New Year-Chispa Magazine

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or you’re about to undertake a health kick, you may already have an idea of what your perfect body looks like. While it’s important to be realistic, it’s also essential that you dream big. Why limit yourself? People undergo dramatic transformations all the time, why should you be any different?…

Great Career Choices For Those Who Care For Others

Chispa Magazine-Help Others

When you are trying to improve or advance yourself on the career ladder, there are many things that you want to try and be aware of. One of the main things is that you need to develop a good sense of what your own real strengths are. It is amazing how difficult it can actually…

Knowing When To Steer Away From Your Career

Business-Chispa Magazine

Everybody feels a little disengaged with their job from time to time. Either you’re too isolated or you’re surrounded by too many people; you’ve got too much work on your plate or too little work. The grass is always greener on the other side. Still, there’s sometimes a legitimate reason to move onto a new…

Why Talking Sexual Health Shouldn’t Be a Turn Off

How To Love The Way You Look_Chispa Magazine

Picture the scene. You’ve found a great new partner, had a few dates and everything seems to be going great. They’ve met your friends and family, and you’ve even discussed names for your future cat, not to mention they are a generous and caring lover. Until one afternoon you discover a few bumps or lumps…

Five Actions to Take Following an Auto Accident

Car Accident-Chispa Magazine

Many people will have never experienced an auto accident, so will not know what to do when one occurs. To ensure you do not make a wrong move if you are unfortunately involved in a collision, we are looking at the five actions you must take following an auto accident. You Must Telephone the Police…