Milo Senalle

As one of the managing editors of Chispa Magazine, Milo Senalle is the go-to man for all things technology, ethical, and financial concerns. Providing laughs with his style of writing and problem-solving techniques, Milo is a voice of reason among the girly staff at Chispa. Married with children, living in Atlanta, he works 24/7 on becoming a man of courage and believes honor begins at home.

Four Blunders That Will Make A Start-Up Crash And Burn

Home Office-Chispa Magazine

Countless start-ups fail in their first year, but barring a few industry nuances, the reasons why they fail are fairly limited. If you spoke to a cross-section of entrepreneurs who have had a business that folded, you’ll quickly notice that the same issues are coming up again and again. If you understand these mistakes, and…

The Art of Deal Sealing


The art of sealing a deal is one that all business owners should be well versed to. It is an art that should be so deeply engraved within a business owner that it becomes a way of life for him or her. Sealing deals is massive in the world of business. It is the difference…

Construction: Hit The Nail On The Head + Achieve Success

Turning A Dilapidated House Into A Dream Home-Chispa Magazine

Building a successful construction company requires more than dedication and a passion for building work; it requires a deep understanding of the industry both in terms of competitiveness and safety procedures. A lot can go wrong on a construction site, and it takes a lot for things to go so well that you open up…

Previous Occupant Perils

Five Practical Tips To Make Moving House Easier-Chispa Magazine

There is nothing more irritating than getting the keys to a new home and discovering the problems left by the previous occupant. Whether it be a rental or a home you have bought, the issues are inevitable. While everything was swept under the rug (perhaps literally) when you viewed the property, now all the damage…

Lay Solid Foundations As An Independent Contractor

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It’s tough finding work as an independent contractor, mainly because clients aren’t looking to test the waters with someone who hasn’t been verified. Instead, they will focus on using larger businesses, and you will struggle to find any demand for your company. That’s a problem, particularly when setting up your business has probably already left…

Business Insights: Potential Risks Affecting Manual Companies

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If you run a company that performs lots of manual jobs, you could face more risks that you realize. We’re talking about business owners who often employ contractors to perform physical and often dangerous tasks. For example, that could cover people operating companies in the oil and gas industries. Working on a rig and drilling…