Paola Ramirez

Based out of beautiful and sunny Miami, Paola Ramirez has been involved in the journalism industry for 12 years now. As one of our Managing Editors, she is our go-to-girl for fact-checking and discovering what is new and trending. Her passion of beauty, health, fitness, and fashion is what turns on her "Chispa"!

Is Stress Written All Over Your Face?

Why You Need to Reduce Stress, NOW-Chispa Magazine

According to Dr. Sanam Hafeez Psy. D, Colombia University Professor and Founder of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services in New York City; stress is written all over our face and can result in looking years older when stressed for prolonged periods of time. Dr. Hafeez whose expertise is in understanding neural pathways as they respond to anxiety,…

Fit Thoughts Reduce Stress

Chispa Magazine

As vibrant day-glow legs and feet pound the streets in preparation for the ever growing number of marathon events sweeping through the country, that particular feat seems a step too far for those of us who struggle to take the dog around the block. Brain Train We do, however, tackle marathons in our lives every…

Foods That Can Help Save Skin From Sun Damage

Food Firms Here's Why You Should Embrace Lean Manufacturing-Chispa Magazine

Just as an unhealthy diet can have a negative effect on your skin and health, a healthy diet high in antioxidant-rich foods can help protect your body, even from the sun. Since antioxidants help reduce inflammation and free radicals, loading your diet with them will go a long way against sunburn and skin damage as…

Bling Bling; Four Ways Jewelry Reinforces A Relationship

Regal Gemstone Statement Cuff by Louise Et Cie Jewelry, Chispa Magazine

Relationships that last a lifetime don’t rely on charms and bracelets. Meaningful and significant relationships rely on love, trust, and mutual respect. Still, that doesn’t mean the right piece of bling can’t help. Many see jewelry as a way out when they are in trouble or a sign that their connection is material, yet that…

Natural Remedies to Stimulate Hair Growth

Five Tips For Achieving The Most Beautiful Summer Skin-Chispa Magazine

Sometimes your hair can get thinner and you don’t understand what is causing it. Often it can be caused by a mix of bad diet, stress and your age. There are many types of scalp treatment for hair growth, including eating the correct foods and applying special ointments to your hair and scalp to encourage…

Your Cut Out And Keep Guide To Chucking That Clutter

The Five Foundations Of Starting A Business-Chispa Magazine

Everyone’s always buying things they don’t need and getting rid of what you don’t want is a totally pointless exercise if you just go replacing it with more goods. Ready to de-clutter? Stop Buying Extra Stuff! Remind yourself why you’re de-cluttering, it could be to make space for a home office, setting up a fitness…