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Career Burnout: The Root Cause is Loss of Purpose

Chispa Magazine

Physician and mindful living expert Romila “Dr. Romie” Mushtaq, MD has a unique perspective to discuss career burnout; not only is she a neurologist specializing in mind-body medicine, but she also used the mindfulness-based techniques she teaches to heal herself from career burnout as a physician. Career burnout is characterized clinically by loss of passion,…

The Romina Files: In Paris with Dries Van Noten

Chispa Magazine

A calm and exquisite show at Dries van Noten; in fact, this is nothing I have seen before. With the sounds of birds, the girls walked peacefully down the catwalk on green moss, wearing lightweight dresses with fine straps, see-through blouses, and loose trousers, some in a harem style, paired with zipped jackets or long…