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Finding a way to organize all aspects of your life from motherhood to feeling artsy, or perfecting your portfolio as a professional.

The Incredible Rise Of The Mompreneur

How To Build A Home Befitting The Modern Mompreneur-Chispa Magazine

There is no surprise that not many new moms want to go back to the office straight after giving birth. But for many, they are forced back to work because of the extortionate costs of childcare. Thankfully, though, some moms have come up with a great solution—become a mompreneur! So, what exactly is a mompreneur?…

Job Hunting Made Simple

New Year, New You Can You Really Just Quit Your Job-Chispa Magazine - Home

Despite our intense dislike for this activity, we all know the importance of keeping our resume up to date. While it would be nice to think we’ll be at the same company until we retire, it doesn’t always work out like that. Sometimes we’re fired, other times we learn there’s a better option out there,…

Office Items Taking Up Valuable Time

Designing Your Home Office_Chispa Magazine

You don’t really think that things around you can affect you enough to take up your time – especially not when you’re in the office. For most people who are freelancing, this is just a space in their home with a few added qualities. But the truth is, there are so many things sitting around…

Top Three Tips to Improve Your Workflow

How To Convey Professionalism In Your Business-Chispa Magazine

The workflow in our business should always be one of our main focuses as business owners. However it’s not always easy to know where to start ensuring that the workflow of our business is operating at an efficient and highly productive level. So here are our top three tips on how to improve your workflow…

Four Blunders That Will Make A Start-Up Crash And Burn

Home Office-Chispa Magazine

Countless start-ups fail in their first year, but barring a few industry nuances, the reasons why they fail are fairly limited. If you spoke to a cross-section of entrepreneurs who have had a business that folded, you’ll quickly notice that the same issues are coming up again and again. If you understand these mistakes, and…