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Finding a way to organize all aspects of your life from motherhood to feeling artsy, or perfecting your portfolio as a professional.

Multitasking Fall Break as a Working Mother

Moms Prioritize These When Starting a Business-Chispa Magazine

It seems only yesterday that the summer holidays ended and school started up again, but once more mothers nationwide are finding themselves face-to-face with yet another holiday. You can double-check the calendar on the wall or flick through your Blackberry, but Fall Break is less than a week away. Although real life often doesn’t emulate…

Your Strategy For Becoming A Better Business Leader

Better Business Leader-Chispa Magazine

Leadership isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that are creative, inventive and even inspirational. That doesn’t make them the best people person to lead a team. You can learn a lot about heading up a team from various training courses. And some people are lucky enough to be born with great people…

Six Ways to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Companies Reputation_Chispa Magazine

When it comes to growing a business, reputation is everything. Word of mouth marketing is exceptionally powerful but quite tricky to achieve. We’ve all heard the theory that if a customer in a restaurant enjoys a meal, they tell no one, yet if the meal or service is terrible, they tell five of their friends.…

Creating a Fitness Plan for Your Company’s Culture

Fitness-Chispa Magazine

Entrepreneurs invest a lot in the health and well-being of their companies. From employee benefits and healthcare options to countless hours spent attending to the wellness of the bottom line, a thousand different things clamor for the attention of savvy owners and managers. Top leaders at companies including Adobe, REI, and Twitter understand the benefits…

Health Is Wealth: Setting Up a Business In The Health Industry

Health Business-Chispa Magazine

If you want to start a business with great earning potential while genuinely helping people, healthcare could be a great option. The old adage health is wealth really is true; because patients are more comfortable than ever with managing their symptoms and illnesses online, it has provided a whole host of opportunities for health-oriented business…

The Remote Workforce is the Future of Telecom Industry

Things They Don’t Tell You About Running A Home Business-Chispa Magazine

The most crucial invention given to us in our digital era is the internet. Allowing us to step away from landlines and snail mail, it gave us the ability to see and talk to another person simultaneously and share together in what became known as realtime. As much as the internet has changed our world,…