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Tips To Surviving Your First Job

Why Women Should Stop Trying to Be Like Men in the Work Place-Chispa Magazine

Entering the work world is a big step in your lifetime. You’re done graduating and ready to move on to the next chapter. It’s normal to feel nervous about the leap and unsure of yourself. Landing your first job is a big accomplishment, and you should be proud of yourself. It’s smart to get an…

Job Hunting When There Are No Viable Jobs

Keep Business and Personal Separate_Chispa Magazine

Whether you are currently in employment and are seeking a better job, or just want to get started on a new career, deciding to search for a new job is the easy part. In a perfect world, this decision would coincide with a raft of perfect job adverts, all of which you want to do…

Make A Difference In The World With Your New Career


In 2016 job satisfaction in the USA reached a new low and that’s a worrying statistic. We spend nearly thirty percent of our lives at work. This means that taking into account both sleep and traffic, you probably spend more time at work than you do with your family. If that fact depresses you, you…

Golden Rules for Finding a Product Manufacturer

Top Tips for More Productive Staff-Chispa Magazine

If you have come up with a product you think will be a great success, you have to find someone to make it for you. While some small businesses might work by selling homemade items, you need a manufacturer if you want to produce things on a larger scale. When you look for a manufacturer,…

How to Become a Digital Marketing Ninja Overnight

Why SEO Is Important For Your Business Website-Chispa Magazine

There is no denying that social media is where it is all happening. Facebook alone bringing in almost $7 billion of advertising revenue in the last quarter, shows that the focus on digital marketing has no signs of going anywhere, anytime soon. Therefore whether you are a small business owner or whether you are just…

Is a Healthcare Career Right for You?

Medical Career-Chispa Magazine

Healthcare is a career path that attracts all types of different people. And there are all types of jobs beyond the high profile doctor and nurse positions that are so often dramatized on TV. As the population continues to get older, more and more people will be needed in medical professions. For many people, the…