The many hats of being a mom and a mompreneur can be stressful, but no worries here you can refuel your energy and become resilient in the face of adversity.

Multitasking Fall Break as a Working Mother

Moms Prioritize These When Starting a Business-Chispa Magazine

It seems only yesterday that the summer holidays ended and school started up again, but once more mothers nationwide are finding themselves face-to-face with yet another holiday. You can double-check the calendar on the wall or flick through your Blackberry, but Fall Break is less than a week away. Although real life often doesn’t emulate…

Your Strategy For Becoming A Better Business Leader

Better Business Leader-Chispa Magazine

Leadership isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that are creative, inventive and even inspirational. That doesn’t make them the best people person to lead a team. You can learn a lot about heading up a team from various training courses. And some people are lucky enough to be born with great people…

Six Ways to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

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When it comes to growing a business, reputation is everything. Word of mouth marketing is exceptionally powerful but quite tricky to achieve. We’ve all heard the theory that if a customer in a restaurant enjoys a meal, they tell no one, yet if the meal or service is terrible, they tell five of their friends.…

What You Need to Know Before You Become a Mompreneur

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When you become a mom, there are many reasons why you might be thinking of starting your own business. For one thing, if you haven’t returned to work after having your baby, you will have time to plan and think of a business that can work for you that if you were working full-time. You…

Business Challenges You Can Learn and Grow From

Business Challenges-Chispa Magazine

Anyone who goes into the world of business needs to know that there are challenges they can face every day. Whether you own a business or you just use your business expertise to help grow someone else’s, there are some big issues to tackle if you want to achieve personal and business success. If you’re…

Taking The Plunge And Setting Up Your Own Business

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Maybe you’ve had enough of your job, or maybe you’ve come up with a great idea for a startup that means you’ll have a unique business idea you believe can pay off. Whatever the reasons for setting up your own business, you’ll need to make sure it’s 100 percent the right move for you first.…