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Job Hunting Made Simple

New Year, New You Can You Really Just Quit Your Job-Chispa Magazine - Home

Despite our intense dislike for this activity, we all know the importance of keeping our resume up to date. While it would be nice to think we’ll be at the same company until we retire, it doesn’t always work out like that. Sometimes we’re fired, other times we learn there’s a better option out there,…

Office Items Taking Up Valuable Time

Designing Your Home Office_Chispa Magazine

You don’t really think that things around you can affect you enough to take up your time – especially not when you’re in the office. For most people who are freelancing, this is just a space in their home with a few added qualities. But the truth is, there are so many things sitting around…

Four Blunders That Will Make A Start-Up Crash And Burn

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Countless start-ups fail in their first year, but barring a few industry nuances, the reasons why they fail are fairly limited. If you spoke to a cross-section of entrepreneurs who have had a business that folded, you’ll quickly notice that the same issues are coming up again and again. If you understand these mistakes, and…

Three Hidden Signs You’re An Entrepreneur At Heart

Keep Business and Personal Separate_Chispa Magazine

If you have worked in a particular sector for awhile, you will soon develop a list of things that you think you could do better. It’s inevitable for anyone who is paying attention to their job and trying to do their best. You see the way that things are run, often dictated from on high…

The Art of Deal Sealing


The art of sealing a deal is one that all business owners should be well versed to. It is an art that should be so deeply engraved within a business owner that it becomes a way of life for him or her. Sealing deals is massive in the world of business. It is the difference…

Construction: Hit The Nail On The Head + Achieve Success

Turning A Dilapidated House Into A Dream Home-Chispa Magazine

Building a successful construction company requires more than dedication and a passion for building work; it requires a deep understanding of the industry both in terms of competitiveness and safety procedures. A lot can go wrong on a construction site, and it takes a lot for things to go so well that you open up…